Medical lien Management

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Simplified Lien Recovery!

Focus on your core business while we streamline the process of recovering your medical liens.

Our Incredible Lien Resolution Services

Medical Lien Management provides comprehensive assistance to medical providers by handling their lien collections, billing and other legal matters related to Workers' Compensation liens and Personal Injury liens.

Our extensive suite of administrative services reduces costs and enhances productivity, allowing you to prioritize patient care.


Healthcare Lien SolutionsDigitizing Healthcare Lien Management

When having trouble recovering your owed money, Medical Lien Management can help.
We specialize in optimizing administrative processes, resolving issues, and maximizing lien returns, guaranteeing faster reimbursements & hassle-free workflow for medical practices.

practice management

Practice Management

We help you perform various tasks with ease. Such as, insurance claim processing, medical billing and coding etc.

managed billing

Lien Management

You can gain full control over your lien management, from initial processing to follow-up and litigation if required.

edex & Jetfile

Edex & Jetfile

Effectively manage workers' compensation claims with our integrated Edex & Jetfile system for simplified workflows.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize revenue with AI-driven lien management, ensuring accurate and efficient claim handling.

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Comprehensive Healthcare Lien Solutions

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No More Headaches OfDealing With The Attorneys

Escape the attorney maze! Our expert Medical Lien Management and WCAB services handle everything, from hearings to trials to conferences and everything in between!

Say goodbye to headaches, and hello to payments. While we will handle navigating your hearings,so you can do what you are best at - providing care to your patients!

Hire Our Experts Today and Save Your Practice's Tomorrow!