We Manage Workers' Compensation Cases Efficiently

Medical Lien Management provides professional and sorted workers’ compensation lien collections services to let you get worry free.

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      We're Handling California Workers Compensation Cases for 35+ Years

      Insurance companies seize every opportunity to reduce, cut off, or deny Workers’ Comp Claim benefits. That’s when Medical Lien Management steps in, fighting to secure every dollar you deserve!

      Reduced claim denials, saving our clients substantial amounts.
      Recovered from previously denied Workers' Comp Claim benefits.
      Immediate assistance on addressing and managing liens.
      Flawless track record of compliance with all lien regulations.

      Workers Compensation Appeal Board California

      At Medical Lien Management, our dedicated team represents our esteemed clients in workers compensation claims and appeals before the workers compensation board.

      Our team collectively brings more than 40 years of experience in the field of workers’ compensation, skillfully negotiating with insurance companies preferred by employers. Moreover, our team members are specialists and claims managers affiliated with the California Applicant’s Attorney’s Association (CAAA).

      We prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest workers’ compensation laws through ongoing research and education. As a result, we have a proven track record of successfully resolving thousands of cases through settlements and awards.

      Lien Conferences

      We attend lien conferences held to assist the parties in resolving disputed lien claims. We make sure to protect the interests of our clients and represent the disputed lien case with complete preparation.

      Lien Trials

      Our representatives make sure that lien trials are heard and appropriately documented when all lien claimants and defendants appear either in person or by an attorney or non-attorney representative.

      Settlement Conferences

      A mandatory settlement conference is requested by an injured worker or insurance company and is held to resolve disputes between the parties. We make sure to represent and solve the conflict aggressively.

      MLM Vs. Other Companies

      Medical Lien Management has a team that represents our esteemed clients in workers’ compensation claims and at workers’ compensation appeal board hearings.

      Other Companies

      Medical Lien Management

      Our rapid collection (%)
      Claim denied after SBR

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      Why Trust Us For Your Workers Comp Collections?

      Aggressive Approach

      We possess expertise in Labor Code section 5402(c) and take a firm and aggressive stance towards workers’ compensation collections as well as lien litigation.

      Comprehensive Management

      Our services for workers compensation include workers comp injury reports, professional underwriting, specialties of loss control, and workers compensation claim management.

      Experienced Litigators

      We have an experienced team working in defense of workers’ compensation lien and business litigation. We provide Work Injury Compensation services and litigation for both employers and labor.

      Workers Comp Collections?

      35+ Years

      With 35+ years of experience in worker compensation claims collections, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

      Legal Complexities

      Our services also include workers comp collections and legal complications, best among all services of Workers Compensation California.

      Transparent Report

      We value open communication and provide transparent workers comp injury report to the clients so they can access and review their cases any time.

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