Outsource Medical Billing For Error-Free Workflow

Medical Lien Management helps healthcare facilities with error-free and transparent medical billing and coding to maximize reimbursements and minimize account receivables.

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    Not Letting a Single Dollar Slip Away!

    We understand the challenges healthcare providers face in navigating the complex world of medical billing and reimbursement. That’s why our team of experts is committed to meticulously reviewing, submitting, and tracking every claim to maximize your revenue.

    Reliable Medical Billing Partner

    Finding a medical billing company that is updated and well-versed with medical billing codes can be challenging, but MLM makes it easier.

    Certified Billing Experts

    Timely Claim Submissions

    Aggressive A/R Follow-up

    Incredibly Smooth Medical Billing Management

    Medical Lien Management is a full-service medical billing company that enhances revenue collection for healthcare providers by streamlining the entire workflow. From initial insurance verification to denial management or appeals when necessary, we’ve got everything covered for you.

    outsource Medical Billing Services

    Get Claims Accepted and Paid on the First Submission

    ‘Our advanced Claim scrubber tool guarantees error-free claims, catching issues before submission, leading to a 98% first-time claim acceptance rate and quicker payments.

    Coding Compliance

    MLM maintains precise and secure medical records, adhering to CPT codes and ICD-10 coding standards to ensure 100% accuracy.

    Profit Promise

    We pledge a 10%-15% revenue increase, 98% first-submission claim success, and no to fewer denials, optimizing your finances.

    Claim Resolution

    Our team ensures security for every dollar you deserve. We are famous across the US for our practice management and lien litigation solutions.

    Fastest Billing and Collection Process

    After your first 4 weeks at Medical Lien Management, you start witnessing the results. We offer the best combination of efficiency meeting accuracy.

    Clean Claim Rate
    Increased Collections
    Denial Recovery Rate

    Helping healthcare facilities eliminate revenue leakages, we are on our way to be known as the best US medical billing company!

    Medical Billing Solutions

    Medical Billing Solutions For 50+ Specialties

    Private practices or hospitals, we offer affordable medical billing services to every state, every specialty and every facility!

    Your profits are just a medical billing contract away, don't miss this chance!

    Accelerated Payments

    Improve your medical billing and coding for three times quicker recovery of payments!

    100% Accuracy

    No billing or coding errors, timely claim submissions & super efficient denial management.

    Making Our Clients, Happy Us!

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    MLM Lives HIPAA!

    We’re HIPAA compliant, offering top-tier medical billing in the USA. Our medical billing solutions boost revenue, ease staff workload, and increase earnings from patients and payors.

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