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Workers' Comp Lien Filing

Personal Injury Lien Collections

Be it Billing, Collections Recovery or Lien Filing

Medical Lien Management can handle it all for you!

For Free Consultation

    For Free Consultation


      Discovery Call

      We evaluate your needs and explore ways to assist you effectively.



      Our manager finalizes paperwork and connects you with the operations team.


      Consistent Feedback

      For analytical review, we set up personalized dashboards for your convenience.

      How Our Process Works

      From RFA to final payment collection, here’s how we handle things.

      Why Medical Lien Management?

      The Full Suite of Solutions

      When looking for lien management and medical billing partner, MLM goes hand-in-hand!

      Medflow PMS

      Our in-house-built PMS allows you to manage and track the entire billing cycle, including recovery collections and payment posting.

      EDEX and JET File

      The EDI and JET File at MLM are HIPAA-compliant and adhere to HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets.

      Artificial Intelligence

      With our AI-powered systems, you can automate your billing, sorting and uploading of documents.

      Interactive Dashboard

      You can visualize data trends, monitor key metrics, and make informed decisions with our user-friendly interface.

      Providers' Favorite for a Purpose

      No matter whatever facility, we make lien management easy for everyone. From negotiations to collections, we’ve got it all covered!

      • Trauma Center
      • Physical Therapy Clinics
      • Orthopedic Clinics 
      • Radio & Imagine Centers
      • Pain Management Clinics
      • Neurological Centers
      • Chiropractic Offices
      • Anesthesia Serv Providers 
      • Rehabilitation Centers 
      • Neurology Clinics

      This is How we do it!

      Schedules Prep > RFA submission > Response Management > Electronic Bill Submission > (If Reject) Rejection Handling > (Settled) Payment Postings > (If bill rejected) SBR Submissions > Payment Processing > (No Payments) Collections Follow-up > Follow-up on Payment > Case Close.


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      Focus on your core business while we streamline the process of recovering your medical liens.

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