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Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) manages your financial process through seamless medical billing software and provides you with the best healthcare facility assistance.

Overcome Your Challenges Through Our Innovative Revenue Cycle Management Services

We improve the medical billing revenue cycle by tracking patient care sessions. Now you can manage everything from patient registration and appointments to the final payment and bills and insurance claims through our quality revenue cycle management services.

Increase Your Cash Flow Through Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Facilities

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is not just the basic billing function, it goes beyond that. From claim processing, patient payments, denial management, and medical coding and billing, it has a lot to offer along with revenue generation. Hence Revenue cycle management is the lifeline for all healthcare facilities.

Medical Lien Management is among the best Revenue Cycle Management Companies that provide you with efficient patient collection services for your revenue cycle. We help you increase your revenues by religiously following the process below:

Registration Record
Keeping Patient’s Registration Record

Ensuring patient eligibility and valid insurance coverage before appointment scheduling or during patient registration

Balance Revisions
Co-Payments Collection And Financial Balance Revisions

Our patient collection services fetch co-payments from the patient that includes an amount not covered by insurance at the time of service.

Medical Record
Documentation for Medical Record

We review and update the medical record of patients and that also includes the documentation required for verification and eligibility.

Submissions of Claims
Submissions of Claims

We create claims for treatment, validate and submit them electronically for Revenue Cycle Management Billing. It includes the submission to the clearinghouse or insurance payer.

Submitted Claims
Reviewing, Validating, and Correcting Submitted Claims

We review claims to determine if they need to be revised to correct including the necessary documentation reviewing. It eventually helps in revenue cycle billing.


We constantly follow up on the submitted claims with the insurance payer. Also, we verify the accepted or rejected claims and cross check them to update the status with the clearinghouse.

Rejected claims
Re-Processing Rejected claims

Our Revenue Cycle Specialists resubmit the rejected claims by rectifying and resolving the errors and further processing them.

Statements/Payment Posting
Constructing Patient Statements/Payment Posting

We send electronic bills to the patients including the patient's details like demographic, owed amount, procedure date, and transaction descriptions.

Payment Collection
Payment Collection

We use online and mobile payment methods for the collection of amounts from patients. Also, the payment not received is reminded to the patient.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

We review financial data analytics and convert them into meaningful insights. Through data analytics, the performance of healthcare practice is evaluated in terms of revenue generation. It also helps in planning the improvisation of financial operations including collections, A/R management, and processing of claims.

Now Improve Medical Revenue Cycle Management Seamlessly

Pulling off the revenue cycle and medical billing altogether is imperative for healthcare facilities in modern times. Medical Lien Management is the renowned service provider for Revenue Cycle Management USA helping healthcare facilities, doctors, and clinics with improvement in the revenue cycle. Contact Medical Lien Management today for your free consultancy.