Outsource Medical Billing For Error-Free Workflow

Medical Lien Management helps healthcare facilities with error-free and transparent medical billing and coding to maximize reimbursements and minimize account receivables

Outsource Medical Billing To Resolve Your Issues Smartly

Medical Lien Management is the sanest choice to outsource medical billing and solve your issues like a pro. We have worked with clients for 40 years to solve their medical billing, coding, practice management, lien litigation, and healthcare administrative issues with ease and efficiency.

Incredibly Smooth Medical Billing Management

Medical Lien Management is a full-service medical billing outsourcing company. Our services include initial insurance verification through final payment posting, including any denial management or appeals necessary.

Fastest Billing and Collection Process

The most crucial part of the billing process is the timely collection of the payment claims. An increased number of outstanding claims can hurt the revenue goals of medical practices. Outsourcing medical billing to Medical Lien Management’s team will let you get your payment reimbursed rapidly.

Reliable And Error-Free Claim Scrubbing

Billing code errors are one of the reasons for the rejection or denial of medical claims. It’s vital to find them out and eliminate them before the claims submission to payers. We follow the reliable and error-free claim scrubbing policy that ensures accuracy.

We provide a very professional physicians billing services experience to clients and make reimbursements spike up! We strive to make the practice revenues so much better by giving them the one-in-all solution for medical billing. We work to take away your billing woes and eliminate all your issues like:

Error-Free Claim Scrubbing
  • You are You are experiencing a decline in insurance reimbursements.
  • You are You are facing amplified amounts of patient responsibility.
  • You are You are struggling with hiring medical staff or finding right medical coding service.
  • You find You find it challenging to keep up with billing or coding changes.
  • You are You are unable to manage time to grow your practice revenue or business.

The best thing you can do to eliminate all these problems and issues is hire and outsourcing billing services which is professional, experienced, and reputed like Medical Lien Management. With our proficient team, we handle all your billing operations and tasks ranging from claim submission and processing to denial management payment posting and reporting. Along with medical billing, we strive to get your reimbursements rapidly paid.

Error-Free Claim Scrubbing

Unparalleled Healthcare Billing Solutions With Lots Of Benefits

MMedical Lien Management is helping medical practice and healthcare facilities eliminate revenue leakages. Through our medical billing contract, we streamline the entire workflow of practices starting from patient eligibility to check-in and from copay collection to the entire back office, facilitating them to optimize their revenue collection.Our Medical billing as a service benefits you in a lot of ways, including:

Maximizing Claims Submission

We know everything from your payor mix to state billing requirements and what your specialties are. So we submit claims at the highest possible value. We do automated methods to verify eligibility and insurance discovery and make denials Resubmission within 72 hours.

Up-to-date Medical Billing Technology

We use modern medical billing software to provide healthcare billing solutions compatible with web and web applications to support entire complicated medical billing tasks and let you get paid.

Cost-Effective And Efficient Medical Billing Services

Do you want to save your hard-earned money? with our cost-effective billing service and access Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management System, Patient Portal, and EHR software to seamlessly assess and analyze all available patient information.

Financial Reports

We provide you with 100% error-free and transparent financial reports and summaries. It will help you get an insight into all your financial information like Account receivable management, bills reconciliation, charges, and all payment information of patients clearly.

We Are The Most Reliable And One Of The Largest Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Now outsource medical billing to Medical Lien Management to get top-quality services for your healthcare facility, including clinics, hospitals, and private practices, with vast experience. We have a dedicated team committed to achieving practical results, letting you get the highest recoveries. We are HIPAA compliant delivering unrivaled medical billing services in the USA. Our billing solutions streamline your revenue cycle and collection functions and reduce your staff the burden while facilitating you to generate more revenue from patients and payors.


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