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Medical Lien Management is keen to bring stability to your healthcare facility’s cash flow so you can focus on your patients worry-freely.

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      Our Services Are Best for You If:

      Our services are best for:

      No More Searching: We've Got You Covered

      Skip the search for local medical billing, financing, and collection services. Medical Lien Management offers a comprehensive solution under one roof. We handle everything from billing, coding, and collections to denial rate management and emergency financial funding.

      We utilize certified EHR and PMS systems to reduce staff workload and enhance efficiency, ensuring fewer human errors in billing and coding.

      Boosted Collection Rate

      If your Collection Rate remains the same as the previous quarter or year, we'll assist you in increasing that amount.

      Managed Aged A/R

      If the aging of your Accounts Receivables has increased over the past 120 days, we'll guide you back on track.

      Addressed Claim Denials

      Incorrect coding might have raised your Denial Rate. We'll handle and rectify those problems as well.

      Strategic Financing

      Steady Cash Flow Management

      Financial Assessment

      Being a billing and lien management company, we conduct a comprehensive review of your existing billing and coding procedures.

      We employ accredited analytical instruments to deliver in-depth reports, pinpointing areas for enhancement and outcomes.

      Monthly Financing

      We grant financial support for medical bills every month to ensure steady cash flows for your healthcare establishment.

      Furthermore, we can sanction interest-free term loans for any growth initiatives or equipment acquisitions for your clinic or hospital.

      Helping Medical Practices Streamline their Revenue Cycles

      The unstable economic environment impacts all sectors, including medical and healthcare. Medical Lien Management offers top-tier financial solutions to streamline the revenue cycle for medical professionals. 

      We provide comprehensive services, from pre-funding to interest-free loans for growth initiatives and future expansion plans.

      Manage Revenue Cycle Services Like Never Before

      Elevate your healthcare operations with Medical Lien Management. We boost your revenue by refining every step of the process, from verifying patient eligibility to handling copay collections and administrative tasks.

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