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Getting the right staff for healthcare tasks can be hard and costly. But with Medical Lien Management, you can hire great remote workers for your clinic at a fraction of the cost.

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    For Free Consultation

      Remote Staffing Agency

      Unlock Growth Beyond Traditional Hiring with MLM's Virtual Staff

      For your healthcare facility to thrive, securing the right talent is crucial. As the marketplace becomes more varied, healthcare institutions should seriously consider remote staffing solutions for their needs.

      Medical Lien Management’s Virtual Staffing Services offer healthcare centers top-notch operational support by connecting them to the finest medical billers, scribes, WCAB representatives, and other essential administrative personnel’

      Benefits of our Healthcare Staffing Solutions

      Data Entry Operator

      Our certified data entry operators are trained to review, sort, upload, and prepare customized documents as per your facility's needs/protocols.

      Collections Officer

      With comprehensive training and years of expertise under our belt, we've cultivated professional negotiators who are adept at consistently following up with insurance firms and various attorneys.

      PI Lien Collector

      With the ability to communicate effectively with patients, applicants' attorneys, and insurance companies, we provide certified, trained resources.

      Why Medical Lien Management

      Why Medical Lien Management For Vital Medical Staffing?

      Interview, Flexible Time, Fixed Cost

      You have the freedom to personally select the resource through interviews. With our round-the-clock operations, you can choose any time zone for your team. There are no concealed or extra fees, just a fixed monthly charge per seat.

      Trained Staff From the Industry

      With thirty years of experience under our belt, we've cultivated a team adept at handling administrative, recovery, and litigation tasks with ease and confidence.

      Dedicated Manager Assigned

      Every resource comes with a rigorous QA process, and to sweeten the deal, we throw in an operations manager to oversee your team—all bundled into the cost of your resource.


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      Resolve Your Liens

      Once onboard, we’ll start working.

      How Our Process Work

      Manage Healthcare Services Like Never Before

      Healthcare management requires experienced and knowledgeable representation. A Remote Staffing Agency like Medical Lien Management provides you with efficient staff with exceptional services.

      With our medical virtual staffing, you will be able to get efficient ROI, the best WCAB representation, and timely collection of payments.

      Manage Healthcare Services

      Healthcare Billing Solutions With Lots Of Benefits

      Medical Lien Management enhances revenue collection for healthcare providers by streamlining the entire workflow, from patient eligibility and check-in to copay collection and back-office tasks.

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