Transforming Healthcare with MLM's Medflow PMS

Medflow Practice Management Software (PMS) surpasses conventional PMS offerings by integrating comprehensive medical billing functionalities with Medical Lien Management.

Medflow PMS

Document, review, and edit patient healthcare information with medication lists, allergy lists, medical history, and all aspects of patient’s medical records through this best practice management software

Our comprehensive medical billing software seamlessly handles all billing tasks, ensuring smooth integration and effortless conversion to standard file formats.

Electronically create medical prescriptions and manage all prescription-related information along with Integrated CDS (clinical decision support) and interventions.

Practice Management Tool

Medflow isn't just another Practice Management Tool

Life is full of uncertainties, but it’s inevitable that healthcare providers will eventually require an upgraded, integrated practice management solution. 

Medflow from Medical Lien Management stands out from traditional Practice Management Systems by offering account software, billing capabilities, and time-tracking all in one. It’s a comprehensive tool encompassing all necessary medical billing operations.

Designed to instill confidence, our Medflow PMS enables you to modernize your medical billing approach. With Medflow PMS, you can not only streamline your practices, but consolidate billing functions, and address claims efficiently — all from a singular platform.

The One-stop Patient Data Hub

With Medflow PMS, you can seamlessly access and share vital patient information via the patient portal, including but not limited to:

  • Confidential Patient Documents
  • Consultation and Management Details
  • Appointment Calendars
  • Medical Prescriptions

Everything you need and your practice needs is instantly available in our in-house practice management software.

Changing healthcare with MLM's Medflow PMS

Streamline patient management and medical billing with MLM’s Medflow PMS: efficient, user-friendly, and designed for solo use without central database sharing. 

Medflow PMS
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