Is Billing Affecting Your Practice's Growth?

Medical Lien Management provides professional and sorted worker compensation lien collections services to let you get worry free.

Medical Lien

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    For Free Consultation

      We Revamp Your Medical Billing Workflow

      Medical Lien Management provides billing services structured as a fair percentage of your practice’s revenue cycle, offering flexibility to align with your billing needs. With our managed billing services, you can avoid additional expenses such as staff salaries, benefits, and equipment, as we comprehensively manage all aspects of medical billing at a fraction of cost.

      • Integrated Technology¬†
      • Automated Tasks
      • Bulk Lien Filing
      • Lien Tracking & Resolution
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      Don't Let the Workload Slow Down Your Revenue

      There is never the best time to figure out when your practice needs Healthcare Billing Management. If you feel like your in-house team is falling behind on their tasks, and it is affecting your revenue, here is your call to hire us! 

      With ever-changing government policies and regulations, MLM’s support is what keeps you going! From Appointment Scheduling to complete Denial Management and Collections, there is nothing in the billing world we can’t handle.

      RFA Submission

      Our expert team ensures a seamless RFA submission process, including meticulous completion of the RFA form.

      Objections Handling

      We efficiently address objections, ensuring smoother approvals for your medical claims.

      SBR Submission

      Our expertise in second bill review submission will improve your reimbursement prospects.

      Medical Lien

      With potential medical billing benefits and improved quality experience, Medical Lien Management enhances your managed billing functions with medical claims software and continuous technological integration. Through this, your practice can transition into flexible consumption of revenue, and we can easily take care of:

      Healthcare Billing Solutions With Lots Of Benefits

      Medical Lien Management enhances revenue collection for healthcare providers by streamlining the entire workflow, from patient eligibility and check-in to copay collection and back-office tasks.

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