EDEX Information Systems for Easy
Claim Numbers Searching

Are you tired of searching for insurance claim numbers? Your Search is Over Now with Medical Lien Management and Jet file.


EDEX. The Incredible Electronic Data Exchange System

  • View and edit electronic data exchange claim transmissions
  • Complete summary information data of Workers Compensation Appeal Board (WCAB) Cases
  • See and edit approved subscribers and their clients to request and receive
  • Access to Patient Demographic Information

Easy Data Management Through EDEX Information Systems And Jet File

  • Patient electronic medical record exchanges
  • Patient Demographic Information
  • Claim submissions, tracking, and resolutions
  • Medical data, including medical prescription records
  • Emergency services records
  • Insurance Claims

A Secure Electronic Data Exchange of Medical Information

EDEX Information Systems and Jet file allow for more secure, efficient, and seamless data exchange between medical insurance companies, healthcare hospitals and institutions, providers, and patients. With secure medical data processing, healthcare providers and end-users can feel the ease with the mode of delivery and easily understand data in different formats.

Our Edi Exchange Data Information and jet files are HIPAA compliant and follow HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets. Our EDEX Information Systems and jet file can help you take care of:

Medical Claims and Encounter Information

Payment Schedules and Remittance Advice

Medical Billing Claim Status, Tracking, Submission, and Resolution

Eligibility Criteria

Enrollment and Disenrollment

Medical Referrals and Authorizations

Coordination of Benefits and

Medical Billing Insurance Data

Medical Billing Premium Payments

Taking Care of Your Entire Healthcare Data Management System in Just a Few Clicks
Medical Lien ManagementManage Health Care Services Like Never Before

Lien management requires experienced and knowledgeable representation and Medical Lien Management and their partners effectively represent clients with exceptional service.

With efficient return on outstanding receivables and the best representation, we provide healthcare management, billing, and collection services at their best.