EAMS, EDEX, Jetfile & Filenet Automate Your Data Gathering Process
And Ease Off Your Burden

Get rid of time consuming process of data gathering and automate this process through our services

Track, Submit and lookup your documents through our seamless digital services

Gathering data for your Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) case can often be time-consuming. We’ve automated the data-gathering process to give you instant access to your information.


EDEX services allow you to electronically track the status of your case and update you on any case progress through notification alerts. You can also subscribe to notification alerts for any major case activity.

Jet File And EAMS

It is an electronic filing method in Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS). It submits any online application through electronic claim filing. By automating the claim filing process, you can now record a case and submit multiple claim requests in one transaction—and it’s all done electronically!

EAMS access allows searching cases on runtime in EAMS without having to login again and login for each search.


FileNet is an online repository of documents with EAMS. Without filenet subscription, you can now lookup, download and store all documents you need. Just login your request and we will make the data available to you within 24 hours.

Medical Lien ManagementManage Health Care Services Like Never Before

Lien management requires experienced and knowledgeable representation and Medical Lien Management and their partners effectively represent clients with exceptional service.

With efficient return on outstanding receivables and the best representation, we provide healthcare management, billing, and collection services at their best.