DWC Exchange is an international company based in Southern California.

With over thirty years of experience in the workers' compensation field, we are one of the most efficient collection companies in the healthcare business.

3W Edge is a software company and online service provider, which caters to organizations of all types and sizes. 3W Edge has a team of talented individuals, which includes web developers, web designers, content writers, domain name registrars, hosts, web administrators, e-commerce specialists, and database developers.

Cube HealthCare is offering an advanced Electronic Practice Management Solution for hospitals, billing companies and practice groups all over the nation. It’s not only there to exceed your revenue, Cube has a bundle of highly user friendly and revenue generated services that can uplift your business to the cliffs of the success.

Protégé Global doesn’t just give solutions to your outsourcing needs. We offer winning partnerships for mutual growth and maximized return on investment by leveraging elements of skilled employees, innovative ideas and advanced technology.