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Medical Billing And Collection is not easy to manage. Well, we do it with utmost effeciency

Medical Lien Management
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In addition to measurable reductions in accounts receivable days, other major operational efficiencies can be gained by outsourcing your medical billing. You spend your time delivering vital medical services instead of processing claims, collecting account receivables, and worrying about cash flow.

With MLM’s detailed monthly and weekly reports you can focus on your practice while our trained and experienced staff makes sure your bills get paid and your needs now and in the future are taken care off. Our fees structure if based on a fixed percentage of your monthly collections. Unlike most collection companies, we don’t charge for data migration, data back-up or anything else. You can request all the reports and we won’t charge anything.

Services We Offer For Business Process Outsourcing

Doctor Appointment Scheduling

Many practices need medical and patient appointment scheduling services. Some examples include medical professionals such as doctors and dentists, medical technicians, and elective surgery offices.

MLM’s Appointment Scheduling Call Center Service schedules, confirms, cancels, re-schedules all your appointments on a 24/7 basis so you never have to miss a call. Why us;

  • Our Medical and Patient Appointment Scheduling Call Center provides nationwide services.
  • Our professional agents respond to calls 24/7.
  • We specialize in time- and mission-critical call processing.
  • We customize our services to meet your exact protocols.
  • We integrate seamlessly with your proprietary data bases.
  • We have senior managers present 24 hours a day to handle any unexpected situation.
  • Our inbound call center technology is state-of-the art.


Medical Data Entry Solutions

We have a whole bunch of people trained in medical billing, insurance verification, and medical or other data entry process. We work with people who have their expertise in managing data from your accounts payable to a local order taking logs.

Our experts are a team of skillful and experienced individuals who have completed and delivered all kinds of projects for our satisfied clients. We provide you with the best back office solution which is affordable and reliable for our clients.

Some of our practice areas include Online Form Filling, Online Survey Job, Invoice and Billing Entry Processing, Handling Accounts Payable & in-house verification.

Call Center Outsourcing

There are numerous entities in the business who provide call center services, but our professionalism and on point solution is what makes your project successful in the long run. We have people who are principally trained to provide customers with an ease regarding their queries or needs while building a working relationship.

We handle all kinds of call center services from inbound to outbound, customer care & service problems, sales etc.

Medical Lien ManagementManage Health Care Services Like Never Before

Lien management requires experienced and knowledgeable representation and Medical Lien Management and their partners effectively represent clients with exceptional service.

With efficient return on outstanding receivables and the best representation, we provide healthcare management, billing, and collection services at their best.