Medical Lien ManagementBest Medical Billing Service in USA

Medical Lien Management is one of the largest Billing & Collections services company in California. Our philosophy is to provide proficient services to Medical Providers focused on taking care of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allowing you to focus on your patients.


Medical Lien ManagementMission

Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service, reduce their administrative costs/issues and procure the highest possible return on their billing, follow up and lien litigation if necessary. In this industry, reputation is everything and we have established that we will fight for every last dollar for our clients.

Medical Lien Management Background

We have a total of over 40 years combined experience representing providers and lien claimants throughout California. If you or your clients are treating or evaluating, on a lien basis or even pursuant to a petition for costs basis,
we know how to work within the system and get you paid; whether it’s through out-of-court collection efforts or the additional litigation that is required before the WCAB.

Having experienced, knowledgeable representation is imperative. That is where Medical Lien Management and their partners come in to play. With presence Statewide, we are able to effectively represent our clients with exceptional service and return on their outstanding receivables. Having the best representation on your side, that remains current with the changes in law and the real time atmosphere, is an invaluable asset and imperative to providers’ business.